Incoming CallerID Asterisk 10


i installed an Asterisk 10 Server (on Ubuntu) and now try to “migrate” from 1.4.

Now i want to change to CallerID from Incoming Calls so that for example a call which comes to the Support Queue will be shown like “Support 123456789”.

I have this on our old 1.4 Server with in my extensions.conf :

exten = xxxxxxx,2,Set(CALLERID(name)=“Support ${CALLERID(number)”})

xxxxx is our telephonnumber. :wink:

I also tried CALLERID(all) and without the variable after Support, but nothing happened.

I searched these forum and googled it but never found someone with Asterisk 10 and this Problem.

Many thanks for your help (and sry for my bad english, im german)


The quotes are no longer needed, and one of them is misplace, anyway.