Preemption Question

Hi all,

I’m doing some very preliminary investigations of using Asterisk in a large deployment.

What type of Preemption does Asterisk support? Is there any kind of multi level Call Access Control (CAC) or is MLPP supported at all?

Basically is there any means of user with access level 1 preempting a call made by user with access level 2. The projected scenario is a low bandwidth link supporting 2 calls and giving priority to the high level calls even to the loss of lower priority calls.

If there isn’t preemption support, is there a means to individually QoS/DSCP tag calls from individual callers so the routers can do some form of CAC?

Thanks in advance, am kind of new to all this so please keep it simple =)

Some more info: This will be a SIP based network with PSTN and PABX interfaces on various servers and will likely use the G729 codec