SIPP Uac Pcap and receiving media etc


I am trying to run SIPp as a program to make calls through a switch, and back to an Asterisk box. The Asterisk box will then play a media file back to the SIPp call(s) to create bandwidth…using G729 codec.

I am very nearly there, I have been making calls, the switch has routed them correctly and hitting the Asterisk box on another IP. I am at the stage now where I’ve just purchased a G729 codec from Digium…as this was the last problem I encountered. However the codec is for one channel and i would like to have up to 100 simultaneous calls.

If anyone has good experience with using Asterisk and SIPp in this manor, I would appreciate some help and make it worth while for your time,

I can post my scenarios etc that I have been using …