POTS Configuration Questions

I want to use my current POTS line to work with Asterisk, and had a few questions about the configuration setups. If I get an adapter, such as a Linksys SPA3102, will I need a DID number? Or will I be able to configure Asterisk to use my POTS line for incoming and outgoing calls? Thank you for your assistance.

You can use your POTS line with Asterisk, you just need a way to connect it. Either by a PCI card with an FXO interface or a SIP gateway box that has an FXO interface.

I’d recommend the SIP device myself.

So with a SIP device (like the SPA3102) I could use it to connect to my Asterisk server. No need for a DID in addition to that correct?

Yep, that SPA box will work. It’ll take phone calls into the FXO port and send them to Asterisk.

Perfect, thank you for the info.