Possible incorrect payload type sent by Asterisk

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I want to check with the board before I dig much deeper into a (possible) issue I am seeing.

An ‘INVITE’ went out with ‘99 H264’ as the first (preferred) codec, I then received the ‘200 OK’ from a Provider device with a ‘115 H264’ codec. All IP Addresses and ports looked good from the ‘INVITE’ and from the ‘200 OK’, however, when Video packets were sent to the Provider device, the RTP Protocol Payload type was 100. It should have been 115 according to the ‘200 OK’. There isn’t even a 100 in the ‘INVITE’ or ‘200 OK’ flow. I will mention that there was a ‘100 H264’ from an earlier INVITE from a Proxy.

I did not send any traces because at this point I am just making sure this has not already been reported.

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There’s not enough information here to really be able to answer (which channel driver and what version of Asterisk for example), but I’ve only seen one recent problem and that is for DTMF.


I am using chan_pjsip on Asterisk 15.3. I get two way Audio, the call stays connected, the Video ports look correct, it is just that the payload type that Asterisk is sending is incorrect; the payload being sent is not offered in the INVITE transaction.

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There’s a patch on an issue[1] on the issue tracker that may resolve the problem, otherwise you would need to file a new issue[2] with complete traces and everything.

[1] https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-27848
[2] https://issues.asterisk.org/jira

Thank you, I will send my pcap file to the issues team. I thought I would post it here also in case someone wanted to take a look but I cannot upload the pcap as it is too large.

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