Poor results with versions > 1.4.9

I guess it must be my setups, but post 1.4.9, the call quality is truely awfull in comparision with earlier versions, to the extent I’m sticking with 1.4.9 for now. I’ve tried on various harware platforms and the results are the same, pretty much un-usable.

Anyone else experienced this?



Same problem here. Lost 2 days working on that. All started with 1.4.10. We had to rollback to 1.4.9. One of our providers says that “the jitter buffer doesn’t work properly on”.

Has there been any bug filed for this issue?


I use FreePBX for configuration and I noticed that with Asterisk 1.4 it adds a comment to sip.conf regarding jitterbuffer settings.

It says to add this:

jbenable=yes jbforce=yes
in it’s sip_custom.conf if required.

This suggests that the jitterbuffer is now disabled and requires the config settings to re-enable it - could be worth trying?