Polycom VVX-1500

I have a new Polycom VVX-1500 video phone that I am testing under Asterisk 1.6.1. It’s working fine with voice only. For some reason I cannot get the video to work. I have two other video SIP phones. One is a Grandstream and the other is X-Lite. I have no problem establishing video calls between the Grandstream and the X-Lite, that works perfectly.

I’ve edited the sip.cfg file for the Polycom to enable video, and I’m sure those settings are being processed correctly (I can examine them on the phone).

The issue is that when I establish a call between the Polycom and either the Grandstream or the X-Lite softphone, the video icon on the Polycom screen has a line crossing it, I guess indicating that it does not think the client on the other end supports video.

Has anyone figured out how to get video to work with the new Polycom VVX-1500?


I have! If you know of the magic keywords that will find configuration help please let me know!


Did you manage to get the VVX 1500 making video calls?
I’m having the same problem whereby audio calls are fine on the VVX but not video.



No luck. From what I can tell it is a software bug in the phone. I am hoping Polycom is on this and will release a fix sometime soon. What sort of testing did these guys do before releasing the product?

I have video working perfectly between VVX and VVX, and Polycom HDX4000 to VVX but cannot get video to work with VVX to X-Lite. And X-Lite to X-Lite is easily done too.

This probably shouldn’t be on this forum as the VVX isn’t supported by Switchvox (yet)! But if someone out there has got this working it’d be nice to know how.

I spoke to Polycom about the VVX1500 and Asterisk. Apparently it’s a bug in Asterisk that Digium are aware of and are working towards fixing.

Does anyone know anything more about that bug & any timescales?



Can you guys help me with getting the VVX 1500 registered with the Asterisk.

How do I set up boot server and stuff like that?? Right now I am just trying to edit the on phone settings but that’s not working for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Polycom has just released SIP firmware v.3.2.2. Update your VVX1500s to this version and try making those video calls again.