Polycom and asterisk Sound Quality

is there any way to adjust the speakerphone volume from asterisk, we have broadvoice trunk but when you dial any outside line the sound is too low on the speaker phone or handset. i already adjusted the volume from the volume keys but still too low. i tried the broadvoice on a soft phone and the sound was excellent , i’m running asterisk on P4 2.8 with 256 MB ram and 3 users one call is usually made at a time, could you please help.
is there any way to adjust the sound volume for sip phones from asterisk?

Asterisk just passes the audio from the trunk channel to the phone channel - transcoding it if necessary. I don’t believe there’s any way for Asterisk to affect the amplitude levels encoded in the audio stream.

You should talk to Broadvoice about it. However, it may be your phone. have you tried a different one? You may have a dud.

I think i figured out the problem, my internet service quality was the problem. i hocked up the box to another ISP and it works like a charm. thank you for the fast reply.
but i have a question, do you recommend any kind of router or gateway (not expensive) that provide QOS for the asterisk box? what would be the total bandwidth required to hock up 10 VOIP lines i.e Broadvoice and 30 “remote” extensions?
there is only 2 local extensions but the most will be in remote locations.
do i need to buy G.729 codec to save bandwidth? does G.729 works with Broadvoice?

You should start a new thread to ask questions on different subjects. Apart from anything else, you’re more likely to get answers from more than one person.

You might find the D-link DI-102 VoIP Accelerator is your best bet. It’s cheap and it plugs in to your existing modem/router to give you QoS.


voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +Telephony



You’re the one who’s got an account with them! Why don’t you look on their web site or ask them?