PLZ:How Can I bulid Conference Room On Asterisk(chipest way)

How Can I bulid Conference Room On Asterisk
with chipest way
i hope to do that on windows (OS)
Can U atteach Diagrame
i found many articales talk about meetme but i don’t know how it work
and i read there are two ways to do that with dirver or dummy dirver
i need sample or any Picture To imagen the system
thank U


Im sorry but I think that you need to do some research , Google will help and it will explain conferece services.

Then google “asterisk meetme” and that will explain what meetme can do. Im not realy sure how pictures can help.


Refer the below url.

Like this but it is better if your understand what your are doing

; Usage is conf => confno[,pin][,adminpin]
;confrence room 301 pin 1234
conf => 301,1234


exten => 301,1,MeetMe(301,i,)
exten => 301,2,Hangup()

Thanks to all
ill see
but can i do tht on windows or MUST Be in lunix

Are you using and what version

yes ,
use last version 0.66b