Plz help getting episode 2 of asterikast … t_002.rmvb

sorry, but their non-torrent DL speeds are 'bout 1,5kb/sec, so i can never finish the DL, 'cause my proxy blocks torrent DL.

could anyone having broadband & torrent acces be so kind as to get this file & to host it on some web based sharing site as rapidshare or so, so us firewalled dudes can enjoy the show too… :wink:


I would skip it. You cant see the screen anyway so you might as well be reading some of the ebooks on it anyway.


in episode 2 tony and I revamped our recording system… We used vnc2swf to get the video so it is perfect. I am uploading the video to google now I will post when that is done.


I would seriously thinking about redoing the first one and avoid talk about the telecom industry since I think you guys are better suited to answer questions about Asterisk.

Best of luck.


ok, i’m awaiting the google upload. Thx for the effort!

guess google is down? :imp:

Episode 2 is now on google video … asterikast

thanks for the upload, but was very deceivec by lack of quality. Indeed, the screen is far too blurry to be able to profit of the video. Hope this can be fixed in future. Thx for the effort though…

Hi! You can find the files shared on uploading sites that the other crawlers miss. provides relevant search results. See also