Asterikast the first video asterisk HOWTO

Hey Everyone,
If I had a nickel for everytime I saw on this forum: “Need Help setting up asterisk” “What is Asterisk” I would be rich. My Friend Tony and I created Asterikast to help people in downloading setting up and explaining asterisk. We have our first video done (we had some audio problems) and are now working on our second video. You can access the information and download our video via our webpage @


Well done. Downloading now to check it out, but a bit slow. Would be great if you did a Bittorrent download, might take some stress off of your bandwidth too.

i’ll second the torrent suggestion … <1.5Kbps !

We were waiting to see how well the first video would go. If there were a lot of downloads we would then offer torrents. So with episode 2 we will have torrent downloads.



Just finished DL the mov at speed of 1.42KB/sec. But the image quility ie really really poor! May be I should try a different version.

great job guys… i love the asterisk community

hmm Sorry if I seem harsh… Instead of offering multiple useless formats. Why not offer just 2 or 3 ? QT & WMV While you are at it make sure we can actually see the text in the video or the video is more or less useless to me.

This is another video someone else made as well, but it doesn’t go that deep either. However you can at least see the screen and you dont have to wait a long time for the download (torrent)

Judging from the first 3 minutes the person on the right stated “a PBX is something you find at a CLEC” yes… wby why start with CLEC? Perhaps the author needs to read on on telecommunications terminology before producing an education video. Start with LEC, ILEC and then CLEC.