Please, post a sample configuration using dahdi

Please, post a sample configuration to make an aoutbound call via channel 3 using dahdi channels

you can find that on google if you want more specifics you can give more details, like what number do you wan’t to dial

6 digits starting with 0
or 10 digits starting with 9

a normal dial with dahdi with the starting number 9
this would have a 9 as prefix the 9 wil not be transmitted to the circuit

that is done with :1 in ${EXTEN:1} this removes the first digit from the dialed number
exten => _9.,1,Dial(dahdi/3/${EXTEN:1})

I understand what i need is a chan_dahdi .conf example
and dahdi_channels.conf

only change to chan_dahdi.conf from samples that I made was changing the faxdetect=no


the first thing you need to tell is what hardware you have, and what telecom line.

is it t1 e1 analog

I’m using a TDM400P with 3 FXO: Channel 1,2,3 the channel 4 is a FXS port.
I’m have installed OSLEC please write too how to define oslec as echo cancellation to channel 1, 2, 3.