Please need hel here

please need some help herhe, is not a lie that im not angry and strsed about tha, im into 2 weeeks searching about a possible solution. Guys you migth know what can i do to set up a virtual on my asterisk. the console dont let me enter any command, nor etc asterisk sip.conf, nor iax.conf…

please help me here, i need to do it for 2 days from now
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You’ve been breaking some universal rules of internet forum etiquette. It may be making people reluctant to help you. In the future:
[ul]1. Do not type your Subject line in all CAPS.
2. Do use a Subject line with a summary of the technical problem, so that others can tell whether they’ll likely have the knowledge to help you before they take the time to read your post. And can you imagine how disorganized this forum would be if every Subject line were as vague as “I need help”?
3. Do not make multiple posts for the same problem. Can you imagine how disorganized this forum would be if everyone did so? Besides, if you truly can’t wait any longer for help, it is sufficient to add a new reply to your existing post; it makes your post move to the top of the forum index.
As for your technical problem: I may be speaking only for myself when I say this, but it is very difficult to tell what help you need. In part that’s because of language differences, in part because you are not being specific enough.

What is a “virtual”? What console are you referring to – the Linux shell console? Is it really an Asterisk problem, or is it an operating system problem, best supported by that operating system’s community? If you are unable to enter any commands or edit any .conf files, how were you able to set up Asterisk originally? What has changed since then?

Have you searched the O’Reilly Asterisk book for an answer yet? Google?

Im so sorry my friend, in my hurry to solve the problem didnt relized that I just wrote virtual, I meant “how can I configure a virtual fax on my asterisknow 1.5. ??”, didint knwo abut the forum rules, please now you know about my problem help me please. Ive been lookin in spanish, english forums, and no one was sble to tell me a possible solution. So I come to you due that from this page I downloaded the asterisknow 1.5 …