Please help, my iax port isn't listening!1

I am trying to set up my voiptalk iax trunk but at present I cannot even ping the iax port on my lan.
Everything else is working internall i.e. webserver, webmin etc.

Netstat shows only a couple of ports that are listening including the port 80 and other common service ports.

But when it comes to udp 4569 it doesn’t say listening next to it.
Why not? I can’t make any connection to and I can’t get a reply via pinging.

My iax.conf specifies bindport=4569.

Please help, I’m at my wits end with this. Please, if you need logs, explain how to get them as I’m noobing around at the moment.

I’ve googled for 2 hours and I’m no further, cheers.

Danny :frowning:

probably your firewall?
try at the command line (not cli)
service iptables stop

if this makes it work, that’s your problem. you can fix it with

system-config-network (I think) which brings up a thing you can use (is that the right command for iptables config?)