Please Explain Connections

As im trying to get into Asterisk as a pure newbie in telephony i have some knowledge of working with Linux, but telephony not at all.

I need to know few things if anyone of you could help? i will have go for Asterisk learn it and use it.

Please Help Friends…!

Our need is only a simple PBX no VOIP things we require at the moment.
Currently we are using Nortel BCM 400 which we want to replace with Asterisk.
please help if you can…!

Currenly we have E1 (ISDN PRI) with 100 DIDs coming over to our office via Fiber Optic Cable to PANDATEL S-MUX 155 a cable (CAT5 Ethernet RJ45)from PANDATEL S-MUX 155 (CAT5 RJ45 Ethernet) Goes to Patton Electronics G.703 Balun and to another Balun Model 460F/G.703 to Nortel BCM 400 and our patch panel connects to BCM using Amphenol connectors (if you like i can send you the pictures of it) so please if you can answer my questions as i have very limited knowledge of networking in general telephony…! Please Help!

Now i want to build a simple PBX for office with around 100 Extensions.

we have as i said TE212P card and HP DL380 G4 Server ready for Asterisk PBX system and we have Aastra 57i and 51i VoIP phones to hook up with Asterisk but i dont know which cable will go to TE212P card on Asterisk and from Asterisk how i will connect our in office extesions for local calls please provide me the detailed connection/cables run through.

and E1 line with 100 DIDs (many of it are free) we will need one hunt line for example 2980888 some one calls that number and hears the call pilot or IVR

and reachs the desirable extensions of our office and those with extensions can make local calls.

              so please explain to me if possible................! 

how i can build that E1 Circuit for Asterisk from the Ethernet cable or S-Mux’s 155’s Available ports?

we have Aastra 57i and 51i VoIP phones to use as local office extensions phones with Asterisk PBX so do i still need a channel bank? if yes please direct me to perticular manufacturer of your choice.
as smart jack is not available in our server room if there is any
other options such as connecting from PANDATEL S-MUX 155 is possible? please explain.

i know its too much to ask for but if as an Asterisk Professional you can help me out…with above questions! i would be able to do the rest of things.

your help is highly appreciated for a newbie like me.

just for information that we will be going for Asterisk Business version but before that i need to sort out this connection/patch panel and need to find the additional hardware requirement if any.

so in simple i need to know how my ISDN (Fiber Optic) cable will go to Asterisk PBX and then how i will take a output from it to connect local extensions (around 100) and allow this extensions to make and receive calls (local only) with extension to extension calls as well.