Playing sounds and connecting calls


New to Asterisk.

I have a callback queue where a customer can get a call back after leaving their number once there is a free agent in a queue. This has been implemented with the AMI and call files. Is there a way to play a sound to the agent then use a call file to get the customer on the line. Is this where I would use a bridge function? My sound file to the customer through the call file always hangs up after the wav is played. Is there a way to stop this behavior?

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I dont understand the sound file will be played to the Customer or to the Agent, I dont use call file to make automated calls, I prefer Originate AMI Action through PHP,any way I think this can be sorted using local channel

Very good. Thanks for the ideas, I’ll give it a shot and post what I find.

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Local Channel is one of the most powerful tools available on the Asterisk dialplan. so hurry start using it :wink: