Playing mutiple Sound Files at the same time


i want to play multiple sound files at the same time.

For ex i have a “Voice-String”:
exten => 666,n,Playback(DE_Welcome&eyepin&wait2&turnin)

now i want to add a “Background music” behind this “Voice-String” but i dont get it to work…
always it waits until file1 is done then it playes file2 and and and…

so i want file1 and file2 is playing at the same time.

maybe someone can help.

greetings from Austria

Record a custom file with both the background music and the voice. Use your own voice recording or get a lawyer’s view as to whether or not the result constitutes a derivative work under Alison’s copyright. The last point also applies to on the fly combining.

We have a music studio who record the sound and voice for us, so we own the copyright for all files :smile:

The problem is we have a lot of voice segments. like:

  • Welcome
  • CompanyName
  • … is busy …
  • 1 - 999
  • … currently not avriable
    and and and and…

so we merge the files on the fly with Playback(DE_Welcome&eyepin&wait2&turnin)…
or another example: Playback(departmend&nr1&nr5&nr5&busy)
but not we have another file like “bg_music” and i want that “bg_music” and the playback is played at the same time. so its not posible to record one file with background music AND voice.