Playing a live MP3 stream in an ARI application?

Hello all,

I’m writing an ARI application in which I want to play live sound from various streaming MP3 sources on the internet and wait for DTMF tones while they play.

I have previously successfully used the MP3Player() dialplan application to play streaming audio from the internet to a channel. However, I don’t think I can do that from an ARI application, because the dialplan is already in the Stasis application (is this correct?)

I do have the play operation for simple media playback in an ARI application, and can specify an http file location with the sound URI scheme, but I think that wants a file (which is then downloaded) rather than a live stream?

Here’s an example of one of the streams I’d like to play:

There is no such built in functionality to ARI. Anything done would need to be done outside the scope of ARI. For example, originating a Local channel to the dialplan that calls MP3Player and then bridge that in ARI.

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