Playback when negotiated codec is g729


I have eyebeam as a sip client and enabled only g729 as preferred codec.
also allowed g729 in the sip.conf. When i call from the eyebeam, the call is established.

But problem is I want to playback sound files created by me. I can convert the wav files to ulaw, alaw and gsm using the CLI command file convert. but for ‘file convert x.wav x.g729’ it says “Failed to convert x.wav to x.g729!”.

what might be the problem? what should i do to have it converted? Do i need license for it? is there any other way i can convert it to g729?

Please help.


I’m not a 100% sure but I think you do need a license to convert to and from g729 sound files. I have the license and used the command and it works.

can you please tell me where to buy the license from. cause i desperately need it.

thanx. … 8G729CODEC

good luck!

i was wondering, why didnt i look in the digium store… :-S … thanx Laurav. you saved my day. :smile:

I have another question about it. What i understand from it is if i buy a one channel license i get the conversion capability. But say I have converted the sound file in g729 format with that license. Can i play that converted file to multiple channels (though i have one license)? Is that legal? I could not find this anywhere.

thank you for ur patience… :smile:

Once you have your g729 sound files, it depends on your phones situation:

““Pass-thru” means that if you were, for example, using two phones which both have inbuilt support for g729 codec. You can let them talk to each other in g729 format, without asterisk having to transcode (which requires a license)”

so, when you use pass thru you don’t need a license.