Play Voicemail greting

How do you access the users recorded voicemail greeting with out sending the person to voicemail? I am trying to do a “patchme” type app that will allow the caller to press 1 to patch through to the user. Is it possible to play the greetings?

Hi Not tried it but the greeting is in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/[exten_number]
and is called greet.gsm so I dont see it being too much of a problem playing it. What you proberly will need to do is create a symbolic link to it from the sounds directory.


I had thought about sym linking the voicemail dir into the sounds dir and doing…

I just thought that there maybe a more direct way?

One other reason why I was hoping that there was some programic way to access the greetings, was that the VoiceMail app already has logic to test for personal greeting, and then gracefully fall back to the extension number.

Is there no way to access the the voicemail app greetings without storing a voicemail?

look at combining TrySystem() with Playback() … that should enable you to replicate this functionality easily.