Play custom announcement when extension not available/regste


I want to play announcement when extension is not register with server. Which file do I need configure and how?

Currently Whistle sound plays which I want to replace.

There is no automatic playing of a whistle sound, so you need to consult with the person who wrote the original dialplan.

The behaviour is essentially determined by extensions.conf and the files that it includes. You need to check the value of DIALSTATUS and/or HANGUPCAUSE after the call fails, or check DEVICESTATE before attempting the Dial application, and then run Playback.

For certain channel technologies, Asterisk may generate tones based on the settings in indications.conf, but I’m not aware of any unavailable tone that sounds like a whistle. SIP phones generally create their own tones in minimal configurations.

If you need fine points explaining, come back here. If you need complete details, consultants are available via the Biz and Jobs forum. If the existing dialplan is part of a GUI front end, you need to use the support channels for that GUI.