Play Asterisk Recorded VP8 frames

Hi all,

I am trying to record the Video and Audio frames from WEBCLIENT. The codec used is vp8 for video and opus for audio.

I can see the recording is done properly and the file created are .vp8 for video & .wav for audio.

I am able to play the Audio but not the video. How can i play the recorded video frames ?.

Thanks in Advance

Varghese Paul

Hi, did you find any solution? I have a similar situation, I’ve just want to call to a number, say 1234, and to playback a previously recorded video y VP8.


Hi. I’m surprised you can be recording video vp8. Could you explain, in detail, your configuration? (sip.conf, rtp.conf, dialpan, Asterisk version, modules installed/required. Im working with Asterisk 15 and webrtc sipml5 sip clients.

I can create audio/video conferences between sip clients playing wav/vp8 with ConfBridge (video passthrough) but not record video with answer + record. Audio is recorded without problem.

Any help would be greatly welcome.