Play an audio file during a call by dialing a string of digits and them the call goes ahead

When i receive a call i need get the call and them push a string digits and play an audio file

That should be doable.

Use the Read() Application to listen for input from your caller, then evaluate what they enter.

Ohhhhh!!! thanks man i preciate very much your answer so i do with
features and nmapaplication and it was very well…sorry for the
english i’m learn yet…i can send you how i do if you are
intersting, now i’m trying to record an conversation, the original
idea is play an audio file during a call and record it,… thanks very
much once

Hi bro!!! do you have an tutorial about AMI??? i want to learn it!!! thanks

I’d start here with the Wiki.

OK!!! thanks i think so i’ll start with it too, any idea about ARI??? it’s
most powerfull???

Use the Wiki, It’s full of useful information.