Pjsip trunk using bad transport


we have a very weird problem : the sip registration packet is originiating from bad interface.

Two networks :

  • :data networks, used to go outside (for trunk registration for exemple)
  • : voip network, contains phones

Here is our transport conf :


And here is what happens :

We can see that the “200 ok” is coming from voip network, not data.
Why is Asterisk generating such a packet ? It should be originating from…

any idea ?


Also : any ideas on debugs i could do ?


We wanted to know what happens, then we did some tcpdump.

If we do it on interface voip, we see nothing
If we do it on interface data we can see that the “200 OK” reply from 10.7.140 is originating from data interface. Then this is Asterisk that is generating a packet whose source IP is on voip network, but why…

Ok, we managed to have it works !

But we’d like some explanation if someone can give us some :slight_smile:

We had to change transport to have only one, and add local network in it :


Any idea ?

Hi all,

nobody has idea about what was wrong, and why we had to change ?


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