Issue with SIP register request


I have two questions,

Q1. If my UE is registered with IPV6 then how the PJSIP configures the transport layer transport type with PJSIP_TRANSPORT_IPV6?

Q2.I am trying to register with PJSIP and getting this message,
Failed to send Request msg REGISTER/cseq=34781 (tdta04BBCFA8)! err=190001 (Unknown pjsip error 190001) i tried to find some reference for this Error code but did not find it.

Your guidance regarding these issues will be appreciated.

You need to provide your configuration as well as the console log and the version of Asterisk you are using.

Q1. PJSIP supports multiple transports.
First, you should enable IPv6 interface in your OS.
Then you should configure IPv6 transport in /etc/asterisk/pjsip.conf as described here.

Q2. See the above message from jcolp. We cannot guess about your architecture and configuration.

Thanks Guys I have been able to resolve the issue. The issue was related to socket which was not properly established with IPV6 address. Once this is done properly the address is resolved and Transport layer is created and IP packet is transferred. BTW thanks for your support :slight_smile: