Pjsip sip uri dialing

What it is the reason to use endpoint in order to dial a sip URI in PJSIP if we wont use its associated AOR/contact objects. and that enpoint in this case is only a dummy endpoint who is not register or related to the remote URI I’m dialing ?

exten => _9NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(PJSIP/mytrunk/sip:${EXTEN:1}@

An endpoint defines the configuration to use when receiving a call or sending a call. Every call is associated with an endpoint which greatly simplifies the implementation, and also enforces explicit configuration for what will be used (instead of using a global configuration).

So we use this mode in order to apply specific parameters to each particular call, based on the endpoint configuration ?

That is the purpose of an endpoint in this usage, yes.

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Great feature, I suggest add this clarification to the wiki so it make more sense why the dialing it is done on this way


Please add a comment detailing what exactly would make it clearer and where.

Let me see if my Asterisk forum login works on the wiki,