[PJSIP] section names and relationships to functions

In pjsip.conf.sample it says:

[quote]; In most cases, you can name a section whatever makes sense to you. For example
; you might name a transport [transport-udp-nat] to help you remember how that
; section is being used. However, in some cases, (“endpoint” and “aor” types)
; the section name has a relationship to its function.[/quote]
But from the many examples I’m looking at, I’m not “getting” that pattern in my head, eg - all the examples of acl are called [acl] but the examples of endpoints and aor are like [mytrunk] type=aor contact=sip:
Wading through the many different examples, I think I understand that the endpoint section name must match the incoming request - so for example, if the incoming SIP call request from my outgoing-authed ITSP was

then my endpoint would be like

[0123456789] type = endpoint ...

Yes? No? Other?! Although, over the last 3 long days of incoming calls not hitting the extension, I’ve tried just about every other header in there too!

Am I missing a key thing here? Thanks!