PJSIP registration

We have a build of asterisk 20 with pjsip , a carrier registered sip trunk. First registration ok outgoing and incoming connection! But when I restart the server, I start to duplicate the registration, strangely, when I call I get 2 channels calling, it seems that it does not renew the authentication, but it dulls the operator. This behavior does not occur on a FREEpabx. Give me a path to follow.


Are you using ‘qualify_frequency’?
If so you will need to wait for that interval to occur.

Yes i use qualify_frequency=30 !

The duplicates never time-out?
Try setting it to 0 to see if that fixes that problem.
Alternatively set it to a longer time than it takes to reboot (600=10 minutes) but don’t start the reboot right before the 600 mark (if you use 600). Maybe set it to 900 and reboot after 5 minutes. It will probably give duplicate registrations until the 900 seconds is up then they should time-out and disappear. That’s what I have observed in the past (not recently).

I never heard that the qualify interval could have to do something with registration in any case.

Also reboots and restarts should never be a problem since asterisk always sends an unregister at the beginning, something I found out just these days when reading here

I think the only way to find out is to talk to the provider. .

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