PJSIP not parsing History-Info header with index=1

When there is only a single History-Info header in the incoming SIP INVITE and that too with an index=1 then Asterisk’s res_pjsip_diversion module is not setting the redirection data from that header.
This happens because of the parsing logic inside get_history_info_header function, If index=1 is there then it ignores the header and goes on to look for another History-Info header which is not there in the SIP INVITE.

The following cases work:

  1. Only 1 History-Info header without any index param
  2. Only 1 History-Info header with an index param but for value anything other than 1
  3. More than 1 History-Info header with different index param values

The following cases do not work:

  1. Only 1 History-Info header with an index param having value 1.
  2. Multiple history “statements” clubbed in a single History-Info header.
    2.1 For example:
    History-Info: <sip:bob@example.com>;index=1;purpose=hop, <sip:alice@proxy1.example.net>;index=2;purpose=hop


  1. is the History-Info parsing implementation correct per the above-mentioned use cases?
  2. shouldn’t the single History-Info header with index=1 work? is this not a valid SIP header?

This support was an external contribution from almost 3 years ago. I don’t recall anything of History-Info so can’t really answer personally, but the RFC itself is 7544 which could possibly provide some answers as to whether it is correct or not.

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