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I have tried using the search option and also searching online generally, but haven’t find a solution to our problem.

We have logged a number of sip packets using the “pjsip set history on” command, and now we have a long history to look through.

We are looking at a problem with one particular event, coming from one particular phone. Basically I would like to check if we got such invite in the first place.

I was looking to do a search using the sip.msg.From, or but unfortunately those fields are unavailable.

Do you know how it would be possible to search using the phone number in the history database?



The module does not implement such a thing. Only the ones documented exist and work.

Thanks for the quick turnaround on this.

Would you think it is possible to export the history to a file, or (maybe better) is there a way to have all the sip transactions logged to an external file?

We were only able to increase the debug level (core set debug 5) to have debug logs printing out data, but unable to have INVITES and other sip packets logged.

Would you say is there a way to have this information outputted onto a file for later investigation?

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In regards to history, what you see is what there is. It is strictly in memory.

Packets themselves can be logged to console using “pjsip set logger on” and these are logged as verbose messages - therefore if the logger.conf has verbose messages going to a file, they would be logged there.


I see a verbose file but it is currently empty, we justmight need to check that the output is going into that file, or maybe enable logging and see it being populated.

Would this logging be represented just as normal console verbose representations of sip packets?

If yes, that would be all we need.

It would be equivalent to what you see on the console when verbose logging and PJSIP logging is enabled.


We will rectify our configuration and retry.

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