PJSIP: how to correctly describe endpoint 'anonymous'?

Colleagues, I want to receive calls from the Internet. Unfortunately, I could not find a complete guide on how to configure these options.
I made sure that receiving calls works, but obviously negative messages are constantly displayed on the console.

I made the following entries in the pjsip.conf file:


After that, the console periodically displays a message:

[May 10 21:51:19] WARNING[101206]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:1106 pj_bool_t registrar_on_rx_request(struct pjsip_rx_data *): Endpoint ‘anonymous’ has no configured AORs

I added the aor section:



After that, the message changes:

[May 10 21:46:37] WARNING[101206]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:1084 struct ast_sip_aor *find_registrar_aor(struct pjsip_rx_data *, struct ast_sip_endpoint *): AOR ‘’ not found for endpoint ‘anonymous’

I understand this even less. Why is PJSIP looking for an AOR section ‘’? I purposefully indicated to him that a AOR section ‘anonumous’ was needed.

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it.

I am grateful in advance for the answers to the merits of the question,

These option is for chan_sip not needed on pjsip, also you dont need an aor section for anoymous calls. This should work

;;anoymous calls




And for this, it is necessary to create a separate transport?
I would like to receive calls to port 5060 and I already have a transport ‘transport-udp’ on this port with almost identical settings.

You can use your own, transport I just did it on that way

Thank you. Now this section looks like this:


Unfortunately, diagnostics keep coming:

[May 10 23:51:27] WARNING[101433]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:1106 pj_bool_t registrar_on_rx_request(struct pjsip_rx_data *): Endpoint ‘anonymous’ has no configured AORs
[May 10 23:51:28] WARNING[101433]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:1106 pj_bool_t registrar_on_rx_request(struct pjsip_rx_data *): Endpoint ‘anonymous’ has no configured AORs


The AOR section is used to keep contact details for endpoints, so it tells Asterisk where to contact that endpoint, I asssume you dont want anoymous user to be able to register on your system, just allow them aunthenticated calls on an special context, so you wont need to use AOR section,

I understand this logic and completely agree with it.
But how can I convince my Asterisk? Entire console is crammed with these messages.

Can I somehow mark this endpoint as intended only for incoming connections?


Do I need to make a link to this section?
If you look at my first message, you will see that in this case some kind of oddities arise.
If I write that
aors = anonymous,
then PJSIP will start looking for the AOR section with an empty name.

Is this a bug or an option?


As I said you dont need aor section for anoymous calls, so I dont think add an aor section will fix the issue , so I removing that recommendation

This is not a bug, These are REGISTER request but not endpoint section found

And then what to do? How to explain to Asterisk that there is no need to swear on this endpoint section?

anonymous endpoint is only for accept anonymous INVITE, not for
REGISTER so you don’t need a aor section and you can’t try to
REGISTER to this kind of endpoint.


I’m not a PJSIP user, but it seems to me that people have picked up on an attempted work round, pointing out that it isn’t useful, rather than concentrating on the primary issue, which is that Asterisk is, reportedly, continuously complaining about the fact that this non-useful, features hasn’t been configured, if you don’t include it.

There’s currently no option to disable the message. This is because internally anonymous has no special meaning in comparison to other endpoints, except that it has an endpoint identifier which chooses it as a last resort. In non-anonymous cases you would want to know about the message because it means that an endpoint is trying to register and can’t, thus there is something actionable.

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Please excuse me, David. Obviously my English is not good enough, but I really could not understand the meaning of what you expressed.
Would it not be difficult for you to reformulate what was said in the form of several sentences, and not one?

If I understand correctly, the endpoint ‘anonumous’ is not simple, but special. And as a result, this one has some unusual properties.
And it’s quite logical that he has no ‘aors’ record.

In other words, the fact that Asterisk is dissatisfied with the lack of this entry is an obvious logical error.
This endpoint should be excluded from checking for an ‘aors’ entry. Or need to reserve the value ‘noaros’, which always returns a positive cheking result.


The following is what I believe about the replies given.

People are answering the question: “why am I getting the message ‘AOR not found’?”. They are saying it is not useful to define an AOR.

The real question was: “why am I getting the message ‘No configured AORs’?” This is being output continuously. It is being output because an AOR hasn’t been configured. However it is not a useful think to do to configure one.

The “AOR not found” message was the result of trying to attempt to solve the problem of the “No configure AORs” messages appearing.

I’m not an expert on PJSIP [and therefore I can’t say what you need to do to stop “No configured AORs” appearing).

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