PJSIP Endpoint re-registration


I have some SNOM 320 handsets. If I move one (i.e. network disconnect), then when it attempts to register again I get this message:

res_pjsip_registrar.c:455 rx_task: Registration attempt from endpoint XXXX to AOR XXXX will exceed max contacts of 1
(where XXXX is the extn no)

“pjsip show endpoints” lists the old contact under the AOR just as if it was working normally.

What is the correct method of un-registering the existing endpoint registration (or causing it to timeout quicker)?

Thanks for your help


OK so the answer to the re-registering problem is to add this:


into the AOR section of pjsip.conf

I’ve no idea how to force an unregister of an endpoint, but at least this solves my actual problem :smiley: