Can't Unregister PJSIP Endpoint

how can I delete this SIP address. (green)
Somehow there are problems with the registration.

I already covered it up with “pjsip send unregister * all”.

Of course i tried a restart.

It looks like the computer’s IP address has changed. So once 0.1 and then 0.2. But it keeps the address.


I don’t believe there is a CLI command to unregister a specific endpoint/contact. The CLI command you were referencing is for outbound registrations.

The inbound registrations, by default, are stored in the astdb though so removing them from there using the “database” CLI commands would remove them.

Could it be that this has something to do with the AOR?

I’m not really sure what your question is. A Contact is part of an AOR. It may also help if you give more detail on what your registration problem is in general.

I reread the pjsip.conf and then it worked.

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