PJSIP endpoint identification with domain


After reading [1], I would like to better understand how identification with domains occurs.
More precisely, it was asked if FQDN could be used in the “ip” endpoint identifier like this:


At the moment, I can’t experiment with any ITSP implementing the above so I’m inclined to ask here.

How does the above matching works ?
I was thinking of the following steps.
Are these correct ?

A. When PJSIP reloads its configuration, DNS is queried for host1.itsp.example.com.
B. DNS replies with A record value of and a TTL value
C. Asterisk records this resolution and updates it according received TTL value
D. When any SIP message comes in, Asterisk reads From field and look for (ie does not look for host1.itsp.example.com)

[1] Identifying an endpoint in PJSIP ⋆ Asterisk

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It resolves it, according to SRV (if enabled) and A record. It does not update/refresh it automatically. It does not examine the From header, it uses the ACTUAL source IP address of the packet itself.

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