Dnsmgr + pjsip identify

I have asterisk 18.15

I have dnsmgr.conf:


and I have pjsip.conf with such identify:

type = identify
endpoint = kamailio
match = kamailio.mydomain.com

type = aor
contact = sip:kamailio.mydomain.com
qualify_frequency = 60

If my kamailio server IP address changed and started to send OPTIONS from new IP to asterisk, asterisk reject these options with “No matching endpoint found”.
BUT asterisk start tp send OPTIONS to the new kamailio IP

So, does it mean, that dnsmgr settings are working with pjsip AOR, but not working with pjsip IDENTIFY?

How can I fix it, please?

The identify section does not support dnsmgr as of this time.

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