PJSIP dynamic inbound registration

My setup is the following: I have a website that communicates with a Janus Server over WebRTC. The Janus server is responsible for authentication and it communicates over SIP with an Asterisk server over Private IP. My users are dynamically created/removed so I cannot encode their contacts in Asterisk config. I want to allow any inbound registration from the Janus server regardless of user/contact/AOR. Currently this has been working fine using chan_sip but I can’t figure out how to do so in pjsip. Below is my chan_sip config file. I’m guessing there is an equivalent to autocreatepeer config in pjsip



There isn’t an equivalent. Endpoints/configuration is currently required to be explicitly defined. There is no automatic creation of it.

@jcolp So there’s no course of action to be taken here? We have been facing issues over and over again from chan_sip and would love to migrate away.

Also, thank you for the timely response

I can’t think of an immediate way, no. Someone else may have a creative idea.

@jcolp I find it weird that this is the case. chan_sip has been completely removed now but some functionality doesn’t exist at all in res_pjsip. Is there anything we can do to fast track the issue?

You can hire someone to implement such a thing, or implement it yourself.

@jcolp Is there an official way to reach out to hire someone from Sangoma or from the contributors?

I can speak for Sangoma and this is not something we would take on. There is a Jobs category on this forum for posting jobs/requests, and also a bounty program[1] which goes to the -dev list.

[1] Asterisk Bug Bounties - Asterisk Documentation

Alright, thank you

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