PJSIP CLCID is empty due to outgoing call

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to understan why I have an empty CLCID for outgoing call through my asterisk.
So I’m calling from number 342 to outgoing number and when I enter in CLI:

pjsip show channels

Channel: PJSIP/342-000000ff/Dial                               Up            00:00:32
      Exten: s                           CLCID: "" <>

  Channel: PJSIP/C2811-1-00000100/AppDial                        Up            00:00:32
      Exten:                             CLCID: "Sergey A*****" <342>

There is no CLCID, How can I set up asterisk to put dialed number in CLCID instead of empty one.
P.s. If I have incoming call from PSTN, CCLID will be set up correctly.

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