Piping audio in Asterisk


I want to try to create something like Sean McCord did at Astricon a few years ago (AstriCon 2019: Audio Pipes - Playing with Real Time Aud...). The idea is to have the user speak, take what they say and send it off to Google/AWS etc. for speech to text analysis and then look through the words that were said for specific key words. I know how to do this by asking the user to record after the beep, take that sound file and then send it off to AWS, Google etc. for analysis however I am looking to do it in a more natural way. Like I want to play a sound file like “Please ask me a question” and then as soon as I detect speech grab it and and soon as there is no audio send it off for analyis.

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Depending on the version you are using, Asterisk may have a couple of different ways to handle something like this.

Please see the following resources and see what might best fit your use case:

  1. External Media: Blog post, wiki, and sample code.

  2. External Application Protocol: Blog post, wiki, and sample code.

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