Not much out there about modifying the PIDF-LO in sip header. This is a requirement to become e911 certified in my location. Is this possible with Asterisk or do I need to run a proxy of some sort to inject it?

I haven’t come across PIDF-LO but did you try using PJSIP_HEADER()?

From it looks like it is done with a Geolocation: header, so the various add header methods should work for outbound calls.

So I’ve been able to use sipaddheader just fine. Need to figure out now how to get PIDF-LO xml data in, and where. Anyone?

Modify the source code if you want to add new body parts.

could you explain a bit more. where would be the correct place?

If you need to ask, you do not have sufficient understanding of the code to attempt this.

In any case, you should use the developer mailing list or IRC channel for help on the actual code.

Ok. It seems like if one would have to modify the Asterisk source code then its not worth doing. It sounds like setting up a separate SIP LO proxy broker is the correct next step. As I understand it, he LO proxy broker would accept the call then inject the PIDF-LO information into the sip routing packet. Anyone have experience with running one?