How can I make asterisk bypass sdp "Content-Type: application/pidf+xml"

Hi All ,

I am searching for couple of days on how to make asterisk not to rewrite the sdp part in the sip message and bypass it as it is , but unfortunately I cannot find anything .
I need to bypass this part of the sdp :

Content-Type: application/pidf+xml
Content-Disposition: render;handling=required

To explain more , I am trying to bypass the gelocation address to a second provider but the issue that I am facing is asterisk got this message and rewrite and dropped everything in sdp and pass it to the provider without the address .

If anyone can help I will be more than happy.

You can’t. Asterisk isn’t a proxy, it’s not rewriting anything. It’s a B2BUA with each call leg independent of the other. There is nothing built in to allow this currently. In the future we plan on having support for geolocation, but that work is in development.

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Thank @jcolp for your response ,so I should go with Kamailio to do this manipulation .

@jcolp Sorry for another question , Does asterisk support rfc6442 ?

No, it does not currently support it.

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