Picking up a call from another user

i might not be able to convey the issue clearly but hell lets see… :stuck_out_tongue:

lets say:
i have two users on my asterisk server------------> UserA and UserB

asterisk server has an ISDN line which connects to local PSTN line

a general way of working is some external number dial UserA at my astersik server,
wht i want to do here is, while UserA phone is ringing, provide a way for UserB to pick up the call which is ringing at UserA.
something like fetching a call from another user while its ringing.

is it possible??? does asterisk provide any builltin method for it, help??? :cry:

In general it is possible, see forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-re … 641216.htm to have an idea about and be sure to check if there are problems with the isdn channel driver you use.


Marco Bruni

thnkx… :laughing:

though i still need to make directed pickup works, but i guess i need to modify the code or write a macro for it???

or does asterisk provide that as well as a built-in option???


you put both users in the same callgroup/pickupgroup, then activate it features.conf, and you away.