Piad support for troubleshooting

hi there,
I have managed to get asterisk installed on a server and also managed to get some routes from commerical providers.

I plan to use this for confirmation of registrations being made on my website. Meaning whenever someone registers on to my website, I send him a confirmation call that plays a wav file.

My system makes the call but doesn’t plasy the file.

I am looking for someone to help me troubleshoot this. I dont know if the problem is the provider or asterisk. I can pay a reasonable fee for your time and efforts

how are you doing the dial/wait/play bit ? post your config files here and you’ll probably get the answer you want for free !

i know that the community is quite good and will help me… but i need a little personalised service, i am a total newbie and I use only web interface.

I also think if someone is helping me out of his way, he deserves getting something for this efforts.

If you can help me, pls talk to me over MSN (manoj at creativesandlogics dot com)


manoj oswal