Phones allway online also when offline

I’ve set up my own Asterisk box and it is working perfectly. Except for the following when i put my SIP phone off(plug out the power cable) it still shows online in the asterisk configuration:

phone8/108                 (Unspecified)    D          0        Unmonitored
phone7/107                 (Unspecified)    D          0        Unmonitored
phone6/106                 (Unspecified)    D          0        Unmonitored
phone5/105                 (Unspecified)    D          0        Unmonitored
phone4/104                 (Unspecified)    D          0        Unmonitored
phone3/phone3         D          5060     Unmonitored
phone2/phone2         D          5060     Unmonitored
phone1/101            D          5060     Unmonitored
8 sip peers [8 online , 0 offline]

Now when i try to call phone3 it tries to ring. But i want it to instantly goto the next priority in the dialplan.

Why are offline phones displayed as online?

greets luc

They are online till asterisk sends the re-register request.
Its a setting.
When the process THEN failes, the phone is taken offline.

If you want to have a phone really going offline immediatly, you need to “logoff”, which depends on the phonemodel.

Eg. for SNOM you would use the webinterface and switch the line to “off”.
This would cause a de-register with asterisk.

If You put qualify=yes in SIP client configuration You should see something like this

after unpluging the phone.
When Dial(SIP/phone3) occur asterisk will show in CLI something like “no route to host” and then go to the next priority in teh dialplan.