Periodic beeping, and inconsistent speech

I have a system up and runing, all working fine, but there’s an annoyance… when i phone in on POTS, or when i collect voice mail, there is a periodic beep, which also delays the automated voice. The beep is also present when i record my own outgoing message, and when picking up voicemail from others. Have search the net far and wide, and found nothing relating to this.

More info…

The beep is usually about every other second, but not all that regular, it also changes in volume, and lasts for about 0.25 of a second. as I said above, it delays the speech, such that you get things like hel[beep]lo (rather than it ‘overwriting’ the sound).

I have looked through all my servers processes to see if anything else could be doing it, and checked the processor usage, all seems fine

this is a very irritating feature, and would really like to get rid of it. thanks, Steve

Sounds like call waiting is on

Changed the call waiting setting in the config - no change. I found a reference to someone who claimed to cure a similar problem by changing the position of the card (it would seem close proximity to a gigabit ethernet card was the source of his troubles) but this didn’t cure my problem. incidentally, the card shares its IRQ with a USB controller - but i haven’t managed to change this successfully yet - not that i’m sure that could be the source of my problem.

Any other suggestions as to what this might be anyone?? i’m ready to start clutching at straws!!! :confused: