GXW4108 Cant configure?

Hi there!

I’ve got problems making a GXW4108 gateway with asterisk. I followed all the existing tutorials but still, no success. Need your help!

Here is what I want to do:

Link my GXW4108 gateway with Asterisk on network, so that all my external calls (incoming and outgoing) are going through my gateway. My FXO lines being connected to it. That’s it. So for example, when I dial 126 on my IP phone, Asterisk takes the call and make it through my GXW4108 FXO lines! Easy?

Here is what I do so far:

Under sip.conf:

host= (GXW4108 address)

Under extensions.conf:

Ive tried

GXW4108 config

Everything is default, except:
-Profile 1 :
SIP server to (Asterisk server address)
SIP Registration to NO
-FXO lines :
Wait for dial tone to YES
Stage method to 1

On my phone
When I dial 126, I get nothing:
In the status i c " The call is placed Via gateway but status for the gxw41 is down!!! even if i try with the extensions method none of my extension is registered… where as all my incoming call those are routed to ext 700 a digital attendant are working…" why its down then

Plz help! Im getting confused every day… :open_mouth: :open_mouth: