Passing DTMF to work with bank or question press# menu syste

I have tired all combos of inband, rfc2833, info, auto and I still can’t get touch tones to pass to banks etc to “press 3” to answer questions etc.

I am using * with SPA3000 Line1 for extension. SR is configured to register and work for both incoming and outgoing. I just am unable to get the touch tones to pass through.

This is on 3 outgoing providers.


have you checked DTMF capabilities with an internal “test” extension ?

i can maybe setup a test here on my Asterisk box and give you an address to dial for an external test routine.

i had a problem like that with my car insurance company. they werent compliant with in-audio, but rfc2833 and info. if it wont work with all three i would try manually sending the dtmf in the extension context and checking/debugging the output.

Well I retried to set / align up several sections to be the same then run test again.

sip.conf [voipacct-out] I set dtmfmode=info ;
sip.conf [1023] 'my extension that I call from’
dtmfmode=info ;
I set my sipura to have Txmode – info

upon calling 800-444-4444 and attempting to answer questions, I got
– Got SIP response 405 “Method Not Allowed – ccl-n01” back from 67.133.x.x

Does that mean my voip provider does not support info type of dtmf mode ?

— Now I changed all three to rfc2833 and charged ahead and tried call again.
I set the sipura dtmf Tx mode to AVT
Watching CLI mode for messages I see none when attempting to key numbers to respond to questions. The called no does not see to notice that I pressed anything either. I must not be getting rfc2833 working yet, something must be still incorrect.

– lastly I tried inband in all three placess.
Well, finally something worked! The called party recognized that I pressed a button.

info - 405 error shows in CLI mode
rfc2833 - no errors in CLI mode, called party does not detect buttons pressed.
inband - no messages in CLI during button pressing, called partey DOES detect buttons pressed.

Any suggestions for improvement ? Is this the best I can get ?

something like this may be worth a shot

your local system, (asterisk and all of the phones) the same dtmf

your outgoing trunks, dtmf set to auto

this way your local system stays the same no matter what, but if the outgoing line is not supported it will negotiate a different type