DTMF problem


We are using version 11.6 of Asterisk.
And I have a problem when one provider send us DTMF as raw inband.
We dont detect it, we also have calls from other providers and the rfc2833 is used and that works as it should. I tried setting dtmfmode to “Auto” but it doesnt work, still work for rfc2833 dtmf.
The provider send this in the SDP for the invite (see below), and I see that they are suggesting that they will use rfc2833 but then send it as raw inband, and Asterisk is waiting for the DTMF to come as RFC2833, could this be the correct assumption? and is there any way to solve it?

m=audio 25270 RTP/AVP 8 101
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:101 0-15

Use inband, rather than auto.

Hi David…

If I use inband, then the providers which are using RFC2833 wont work, correct?
When I have tested with Inband it doesnt work when I’m using rfc2833 for dtmf.
If I understood it correctly from the manual AUTO should allow/detect both rfc2833 and inband.

dtmfmode is a per peer setting. The setting for one provider doesn’t affect the others.

You’re correct i missed out a big thing regarding our environment…

Our Asterisk is behind a CISCO CUCM platform, we have one sip trunk between the asterisk and cisco.
From the Cisco we the have trunks against different providers, but this particular provider have inband set for DTMF and send it to us (but doesnt the SDP look like he is suggesting rfc2833?), all other providers is sending it as rfc2833 and then it works OK.

You need to set the relevant options on CUCM, not on Asterisk.