Passing DNIS to Zaptel FXS Device Using DTMF

Here is my scenario.

I have a TDM t1 (E&M wink) receiving inbound toll free calls. I’m getting good ANI and DNIS on the channels from my telco provider (ANIDNIS*) with 10 digit ANI and 10 digit DNIS. All my routing is working correctly.

I want to pass the 10 digit DNIS to a fax server over zaptel FXS device via DTMF tones so my fax server can do DID routing.

Can that be done and if so what do I have to configure to force the DTMF to play on the zaptel ports? I’m assuming it would be an answer followed by the DTMF tones.

If there is a post out here that already explains this, my apologies. I spent 30 minutes looking and couldn’t find it. Just point me that way if this has already been answered.