Pass the path of recorded file to shell script (Beginner Question)

Hi all,

Is there any simple asterisk’s way to pass the path of a newly recorded file in Asterisk to a shell script ?

Thks in advance

Show us the way you record

thanks @khamlichi.khalil for ur reply,

Actually : Our php framework calls Inotify to scan the recording folder and then stores the new updates :

inotifywait -e create -m {record-path} | while read path file action
php /var/ww/…/artisan record:created “$path $file $action”;

This is why I need a shortcut to get rid of Inotify,

Note :

  • $action is used by Inotify (create, update…)
  • instead of $path and $file, having only the full path will be ok
  • the ‘record:created’ is the class:fonction that records to pstgres

what I meant to ask for is how do you start monitor or mixmonitor inside your dialplan.
anyways, I think you don’t need any of this because you can always tell mixmonitor to run a script when recording is finished + plus other bonus options like specify filename, adjust volume etc …

asterisk -rx ‘core show application mixmonitor’


replace command with your script full path.

full path to your script with argument /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/${MIXMONITOR_FILENAME}
so now your script knows the file name

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