Pass both DNIS (DID) and CLI text to Extensions?

Hi people

Most calls to extensions are being presented the Caller ID (CLI) to each extension twice on two lines e.g.
Which is an Australian mobile for example. As you can see one version of the number is formatted differently than the other for some reason.

Any clever chaps know what code I can enter into extensions_custom.conf (or elsewhere) that can present the DID DNIS as well as the CLI so extensions now show both? -
61433222222 (CLI)
19253507000 (DID / DNIS)

or other way around is fine for example

So we see the dialled in number on the phone as well as who is calling. Is this possible?

With thanks

Try using SIP/device-id/${DNID}, rather than SIP/device-id. ${DNID} can be captured from the intiall ${EXTEN}, but you may also find that ${CALLERID(dnid)} works. As far as I know, passing the digits in the user field is the only way of passing this in SIP, and is certainly what the SIP provider is doing.

Of course, the phone may not display, it, in whic case you will have to concatenate it with the caller ID or put it in the name part of the caller ID (set(CALLERID(name)…).